The thumb Age said on the 21st, the second global beta test of its expectation crows, and it is planning to continue the use of users to develop users' opinions to increase the completeness of the game.

From the last 17th to the second day, the second test, the Broadway 'Mode' mode, which can participate in this battle in the second day, is showing a 'Blur Drop' mode, which is available in the battle, and plays the signage mode 'squad' mode It will be possible.

The Feedback, which players sent by the player in the second global beta, said the Feedback, said the Feedback, said the Feedback, which has been expanding to the highest level of experience, said the top-of-the-day testing, I will raise it more. It is also expected that it is important to improve the graphics and sound in the past tests and improvements on the graphics and sound aspects, which have done a little delayed, even if the release is a bit slower, even if the release of the game is a perfect state so that users can be satisfied.

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The third test period is scheduled to be released later, and more details on croissant can be found through the steam page.


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